Assistant Principal of Instruction

Marriage and Family Therapist

Office Manager

Alumni Coordinator

Campus Support

Club Leader, Sea Scouts

Teacher, Spanish

Librarian/Testing Coordinator

Research and Writing Specialist

Instructional Coach

Campus Support

Teacher, Government / Economics

Coach, Social Justice & Equity

Teacher, College Prep 10

Teacher, Special Education

Instructional Coach

Teacher, Spanish

Assessments & Accountability / Athletics Director

Teacher, English

Teacher, Math

Teacher, ELD/Literacy Coordinator

Teacher, World History/ AP World History

Teacher, Int Math 2, AP Calculus

Campus Supervision

Teacher, Integrated Math II and Accelerated Math 10

Teacher, English 12

Social Worker

Teacher, Int Math 1/Calculus

Teacher, English 10

Green Ambassadors Specialist


Teacher, History

After School Coordinator

School Counselor

Teacher, Physics & AP Environmental Science

Office Coordinator

ELD Paraeducator

Community Liaison & Parent Engagement Coordinator

Special Education Coordinator

Teacher, Green Ambassadors

Teacher, Ethnic Studies

Teacher, English 11

English Honors 10 & English Department Chair

Teacher, Environmental Science

Teacher, Chemistry

College Prep Department Chair & Student Services Support

Teacher, College Prep 11

Teacher, Accelerated Math 9

Teacher, Art