After-School Programs

We offer after-school and extended learning programming to all students. After-school programming is offered outside of school hours and provide students with the ability to explore their own interests and develop new skills. Our club activities include arts & media, sports, health & wellness, STEM, and youth leadership.

A special thanks to Izone and Woodcraft Rangers, our after-school program partners



Literacy Lab
Supplemental after-school instruction and coaching in reading and writing

Math Lab
Supplemental after-school instruction and coaching in mathematics


Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) is a college and career prep engine that propels student diversity and STEM achievement. MESA students are exposed to higher-level thinking and college-level projects with an emphasis on engineering

A special thanks to our MESA partner, University of Southern California (USC).

Math Olympiad

A partnership with

Mira Costa High School

A special thanks to Mira Costa High School


ECMS-Inglewood’s first-ever underwater robots (ROV) team competes in the Scout Division at the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Competition each year. Students learn technical aspects of designing, building and flying an ROV.

A special thanks to The Engineer Factory, a project of Community Partners and EmpowHer Institute

EmpowHer Institute

The Empowered Girls Program is taught once a week to every 7th and 8th grade girl in the school. The curriculum is a series of self-esteem building modules that provide the tools and resources that teen girls need to gain confidence, build strength of character, make responsible decisions and triumph over obstacles. Volunteer mentors are a key element to exposing girls to role models and career options. Outside support is facilitated through the Los Angeles non-profit organization EmpowHer Institute.

Gentlemen’s League

An opportunity for male students to connect with mentors to explore issues of gender, identity and ethnicity.

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Our developmental approach involves both a comprehensive counseling program outside of the classroom and the daily use of the Tribes curriculum to teach students the skills of building a strong classroom and school community. Teachers and our counselor challenge students to understand themselves in relation to others, work together, and learn to be positive community members, students, and friends.

GrowingGreat Chefs

In Green Ambassadors class, our students learn about superfoods, micronutrients and healthy food choices before taking it to our mobile kitchen to learn a new healthy and tasty recipe.

A special thanks to our partners, Growing Great.