• Interdisciplinary Curriculum & Authentic Assessment

Classes at ECS are demanding and place an emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, and college readiness. See it all come to life through the ECHS intersession project and Interdisciplinary Benchmark Projects (IBMs) at our middle schools.

Interdisciplinary learning asks students to draw connections between areas that they might not see when subjects are taught within strongly demarcated disciplinary boundaries. Bringing together concepts, methods or forms of communications from multiple disciplines, the study of history or science or literature or math becomes a fully integrated, intellectually rich, experience for students. These projects also encourage students to challenge their world views as well as those of their teachers and peers.

  • Collaboration with Partners

Community partnerships with local non-profits and businesses provide relevant leadership and extra-curricular opportunities that yield results.

  • Environmental and Experiential Learning

Living campuses bring learning to life and model sustainable practices.

Outdoor education and overnight field trips foster community and independence.

Green Ambassadors courses focus on solutions and leadership.

  • Relevant & Engaging Instruction

Project-based learning allows exploration of subjects that engage academics, service, and student interests.

Culturally relevant, individualized instruction meets student needs.

Experiential hands-on activities provide a real-life context for learning.

Teachers encourage deep student inquiry, collaboration, and reflection.

  • Small Learning Communities

Small, safe and responsive learning environments build supportive relationships and ensure accountability.

Collaborative environments where teachers, staff, students and community partners work together to solve problems