Environmental Charter Middle School – Inglewood (ECMS-I) is a free, public middle school in South Los Angeles that offers students a small, caring school environment supporting their transition from elementary school to a college preparatory high school.

Parent & Family

Dear ECMS I Families,

As the Principal of Environmental Charter Middle School, I want to reassure you that safety is our number one priority and as soon as your student(s) enter our campus they are secure and protected. Daily protocols include strictly designated entry points into each campus through the main office, where security and maintenance staff routinely check gates and doors to the outside to make sure they are locked. All guests and visitors are required to follow on-campus procedures including proper check-in and check-out at the office.  Each classroom is equipped with “Lock Blok” systems allowing doors to have the capability to lock quickly and secure the room during an emergency. 

At ECS, we also have a strong safety plan that is regularly evaluated.  In addition to protocols and procedures specific to each school site, safety drills are conducted regularly for various emergencies, including earthquake, fire, shelter in place, and lockdown. Our Campus engineers and Facilities Director frequently review these logistics and also attend campus safety walks. Additionally, ECS maintains a strong relationship with the local police departments and city officials, creating another layer of safety mitigation.

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We are happy to share that every student at ECMSI will be offered a free hot lunch daily! Please remind students to bring a reusable water bottle to use throughout the school day.

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Your Homeless and Foster Youth Liaison:

Stacy Serrano

email: stacy_serrano@ecsonline.org

phone: 310-793-0157

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act for Homeless Children and Youth entitles all homeless school-aged children to the same free and appropriate public education that is provided to non-homeless students. To that end, your school has adopted the following policy regarding the enrollment and education of homeless students.

A homeless student is defined as a person between the ages of two and eighteen who lacks a fixed, regular, and
adequate nighttime residence. It includes children and youths who:

  • Live in an emergency or transitional shelter; abandoned building, parked car, or other facility not designed as a
    regular sleeping accommodation for human beings
  • Live \”double-up\” with another family/are sharing the housing of other persons, due to loss of housing,
    economic hardship, or a similar reason;
  • Live in a hotel or motel due to lack of alternate adequate accommodations;
  • Live in a trailer park or campsite due to lack of alternate adequate accommodations;
  • Have been abandoned at a hospital;
  • Reside in a home for school-aged, unwed mothers or mothers-to-be if there are no other available living
  • Are living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations, or
    similar settings; and
  • Are a migratory or abandoned, runaway, or throwaway youth that qualifies as homeless because he/she is
    living in circumstances described above.

Homeless status is determined in cooperation with the parent or guardian. In the case of unaccompanied youth,
status is determined by the School Liaison.

The School Liaison shall ensure that:

  • Homeless students are identified by school personnel and through coordination activities with other
    entities and agencies.
  • Homeless students enroll in, and have a full and equal opportunity to succeed at ECS.
  • Homeless students and families receive educational services for which they are eligible, including referrals to health care services, dental services, mental
    health services, and other appropriate services.
  • Parents/guardians are informed of the educational and related opportunities available to their
    children and are provided with meaningful opportunities to participate in the education of their
  • Public notice of the educational rights of homeless children is disseminated at places where children
    receive services, such as schools, shelters, and soup kitchens.
  • Enrollment/admissions disputes are mediated in accordance with law, the ECS charter(s), and
    Board policy.
  • Parents/guardians and any unaccompanied youth are fully informed of all transportation services, as
  • The School Liaison collaborates with State coordinators and community and school personnel
    responsible for the provision of education and related services to homeless children and youths.


ECS shall immediately admit/enroll the student (subject to the school\’s capacity and pursuant to any
procedures stated in the charter), even if the student lacks records normally required for enrollment. Records
will immediately be requested from the previous school.

If the student needs to obtain immunizations or does not possess immunization or other medical records, the
Principal or designee shall refer the parent/guardian to the School Liaison. The School Liaison shall assist the
parent/guardian in obtaining the necessary immunizations or records for the student.

For any questions, or if you encounter any issues with a school-issued Chromebook or hotspot, please contact ECS HelpDesk at helpdesk@ecsonline.org with “ECMS-I Support” in the subject line.

Todos los estudiantes y padres pueden enviar un correo electrónico a helpdesk@ecsonline.org

ECS Tech help can also be reached by text or phone in which you can leave a voicemail at (424) 272-1050.

Puede enviar mensajes de texto o puede dejar un correo de voz al 424-272-1050

What issues can they help with:

Gmail notifications

Email filters/organization

Common wifi troubleshooting

Tipos de ayuda que los padres y los estudiantes pueden obtener: notificaciones de Gmail, filtros/organización de correo electrónico, solución de problemas wifi comunes, problemas con las computadoras, prácticamente cualquier cosa

Important School Updates

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Enroll for the 2024-2025 School Year

ECMS-Inglewood is now accepting (intent to enroll) applications for our 2024-2025 school year via SchoolMint. Click here for more information on enrolling at ECMS-Inglewood today.

We are so grateful to those who are interested in sharing their time by volunteering! Please follow the links below to fill out a short form and someone will follow up with you as soon as possible.

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