Student Announcements

Meet Mr. C., Dean of Student Culture.


Our school counselor and Dean hosted a mandatory 8th grade culmination meeting on September 17th. If you are an 8th grade student, and your parents missed this meeting, please reach out to Ms. Ray to get the very information that was shared. Topics included the requirements to culminate this year.

ECMS-I’s September Attendance Contest Starts Now!

Contest Rules:
If a student attends each class every day, Monday through Thursday, that Friday they can participate in an end of week virtual raffle activity!
Each grade level will have a specific time block during Independent Work time!
Times will be emailed to students on that Thursday.

The Friday morning before each virtual raffle, students with perfect attendance Monday through Thursday that week will receive an email and a calendar invitation to The Virtual Raffle Event.

Students who miss a day of school that week cannot participate in the Friday activities.
Students are excused if they present a doctor’s note for their absence.

Friday, Sept. 11th – Virtual Bingo!
Participate in our virtual bingo and have a chance to win some great prizes!

Friday, Sept. 18th – Wheel of Fortune Raffle!
Your name will be in our Wheel of Fortune!
You must attend to see if the wheel lands on your name!

Friday, Sept. 25th – Virtual Musical “Chairs!”
Come chill, move and dance in our virtual musical game activities!
The fastest or the last person standing, wins!

Our 1st Virtual School Wide Assembly was so much fun! Check out the video below.

Our after school program is back and better than ever! IZONE will be hosting a variety of clubs beginning September 8th, 3pm-6pm. These clubs are free and available to all ECMS Inglewood students! For questions about after school clubs please contact Ms. Cindy Valadez at

Mr. C. shares a message of Unity.

Tip of the Week

View the short video below for a few distance learning tips.

It is important that we continue to social distance and wear face mask while out in public. Face mask can be uncomfortable and when you see others without one, this may tempt you to follow suit. Stay safe by washing your hands frequently, not touching your mouth, eyes, and nose, staying 6 feet away from others in public places, and wearing a face covering.

Resources for Students

If you think you are in an unsafe home and your physical, mental or emotional health is at risk, please call the DCFS Child Protection Hotline immediately.

Toll-free within California: (800) 540-4000

The Hotline is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

News & Updates

8th Grade Culmination Meeting

This Thursday, September 17th, at 5:00pm, will be our mandatory 8th grade culmination meeting. Students and parents should be present for this meeting to go…
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Student Resources

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