pronouns: he/they/she/siya (any)

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Curator and Facilitator

Melissa Lanto is the Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Curator and Facilitator at ECMS-G. They have been with the school since 2021, initially as a Counseling Intern. Their responsibilities in their current role involve the curation and execution of Social Emotional Learning curriculum to students outside of EmpowHer and League. Previously, they were a Mental Health Case Manager and Housing and Referral Intake Coordinator with Search to Involve Pilipino Americans. 

Melissa works at ECS because they want to provide the essential, holistic support at-risk students need to develop assertive communication skills and maintain mindful interpersonal relationships with peers and family. They believe Social Emotional Learning is essential to help students plan and prepare for their futures.

They are a graduate of Cerritos College and Cal State University of Long Beach, and hold a Bachelor’s in Social Work – as well as degrees in Mental Health Services and American Sign Language.

Melissa is a Long Beach native, and enjoys a good swim and hot cocoa at all times of the year! They are passionate about human rights, worker’s rights, and public health.