Teacher, English/History

BA, Elementary Education, Illinois State University
Masters, Education Administration, Grand Canyon University in progress

Jennica Tibbetts is the English/History teacher at ECMS-I. Jennica is brand new to California, as she recently moved here from Peoria, IL. Although this is her first year at ECMS-I, this is not her first year of teaching. Jennica has previously taught in Peoria where she was an English teacher for three years at an International Baccalaureate Middle School. Through teaching, she has managed to be an expert in forming relationships, keeping the classroom safe and secure, and creating rigorous tasks for her students.

Jennica is at ECS because of her previous experience with interdisciplinary projects and her love for the community. Jennica is a graduate of Illinois State University and holds a B.S. in Elementary Education. Currently, Jennica is finishing her Masters in Education Administration at Grand Canyon University.