ELD Coordinator

Caitlin Krier (she/her/hers) has been the ELD Coordinator at Environmental Charter Middle School Inglewood since January 2023. Before joining ECMSI, Caitlin taught in middle school classrooms as an English Language Arts and English Language Development (ELD) teacher for six years in Los Angeles and South Oxnard public schools. Prior to that, she developed community-based partnerships for students, teachers and families at middle and high schools across Los Angeles as the Director of Community Partnerships for LA’s Promise. Caitlin received her BA in Latin American Studies from Pomona College, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Education at Cal State Dominguez Hills. Born and raised in Oakland, Caitlin has lived in Los Angeles since 2005, and works to make her adopted home city better by organizing for housing justice with two local mutual aid groups. In her free time, Caitlin enjoys taking her cat Mandy Fang on long hikes and eating as many different cuisines as possible. Caitlin is at ECS because she believes that all young folks deserve to live in a world where they are celebrated for their brilliance, and liberatory education is a powerful tool to help us build that world.