ECS Strategic Priorities 2018-2019

In the last few years, Environmental Charter Schools has focused on pausing to strengthen our organizational capacity, master our best practices, and create a sustainable culture and infrastructure to drive our vision forward in the long term. This year, we are continuing to reinforce our foundation, build our capacity to expand while maintaining our high quality educational program and unique school culture. Through feedback and conversations with students, teachers, parents, staff and our larger community of partners and supporters, as well as data analysis and existing opportunities, ECS has identified the following Strategic Plan Priorities for 2018-2020:

GOAL 1: Strengthen Student Outcomes
ECS remains focussed on increasing the number of ECS students meeting or exceeding math and English language arts standards by 2022, particularly among specific target populations. We will continue to work to maintain our track record of 96% college acceptances and environmental experiential learning as a starting point for community leadership development.

GOAL 2: Pursue Equity in Student Enrollment and Achievement
ECS will articulate and enact a commitment to equity and inclusion through our mission, culture, values and recruitment and retention goals with a specific emphasis on our special student populations including African-American, Special Education Program and English Language Learner students.

GOAL 3: Improve Organizational Strength
Ensure that the CMO (Home Office) and Board of DIrectors provides the support and resources necessary for schools to succeed and grow.

GOAL 4: Expand ECS’ Reach
By 2020-2021, expand to an additional 500 high school seats into which Environmental Charter Middle School students will matriculate.

Current Board Agenda