ECMS-Inglewood STEM Fair 2019

ECMS-Inglewood hosted its annual school-wide STEM Fair on December 18th. Students, teachers and staff prepared for the big day with excitement and anticipation. Throughout the school day, students visited other classrooms and listened to presentations from their peers in other grade levels. Students presented on their exploratory research and science topics.

The STEM Fair challenge for 8th grade students was to identify a problem and to create prototypes to reach a solution towards a successful model. By using their data as supporting evidence, students were able to identify the solution. For 6th and 7th grade students, they were challenged to identify a system, tool or phenomenon, find the best model and re-create it.

After school hours, more than 350 family and community members came to campus to see the students present their projects firsthand. The campus was alive with laugher, data, story-telling and most importantly, student voice. With the goal of increasing students’ interest in STEM careers by exploring new Science topics through challenging and complex projects, ECMS-Inglewood not only reached success but created a thriving community event for the entire school community.

A special thank you to All Points North Foundation, in which funding support enabled ECMS-I to enhance and deepen its interdisciplinary practice, based on innovative Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) conceptual frameworks and the full 3-D model (disciplinary core ideas, scientific/engineering practices, and crosscutting concepts). This has also increased student science proficiency and inspire students to pursue STEM learning through creativity and real-world learning.

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