Assistant Principal of Instruction

BS, Psychology, University of Southern California
MA, Teaching, University of Southern California

Lauren Medlin is the Assistant Principal of Instruction at ECMS-Inglewood. Lauren began her career working with the youth of Los Angeles in 2006 running after school tutoring programs and taking kids into the wilderness as a camp counselor. She is thrilled to work at a school that cares so deeply about both social justice and environmental education.
Lauren has been at ECMS since 2014, previously serving as an English/History teacher, the English Department Chair, and an Instructional Coach for the Humanities Department. She has a B.A. in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Southern California.

Lauren is passionate about creating learning spaces that are fun, inspiring, safe, empowering, and student-centered. Her mission as the Assistant Principal of Instruction is to ensure that ECMS Inglewood teachers feel confident and equipped in delivering rigorous, responsive, and engaging instruction to all students. When Lauren is not at school she maintains a highly active and eclectic lifestyle. She is an outdoor enthusiast, adventure seeker, and is an amateur hula hooper.