Instructional Coach


Isaac Olvera has been the Instructional Coach at ECMSI since August 2021. His main responsibilities include ensuring high-quality instruction occurs within the classroom setting by providing opportunities for modeling, co-planning, co-teaching, and providing feedback to teachers. Additionally, Isaac runs “Achievement Academy” as a tier-3 support for students who are in need of more support outside the classroom setting. Prior to his role at ECS, Isaac served as a course lead for 10th grade ELA, dance director, and learning center specialist. He also has worked in different administrative capacities, such as Data Lead for American-Sign Language Academy and administrative designee for summer school at Lawndale High School in 2018. Isaac was drawn to ECS due to the organization’s commitment of providing high-quality instruction for low SES students.

Isaac is currently a part of Long Beach District’s Exploring Leadership Program, which supports equity-focused educational leaders who hope to improve the quality of schools for all students. Isaac has completed his doctoral coursework at USC for the Ed.D program in K-12 Educational Leadership and has a projected commencement date of May 2022.

Isaac is a native of Los Angeles, CA. His favorite hobbies include dancing, cooking, and spending time with his family.