Teacher, US History/AP US History

BA, CSU Long Beach, History
MA, Pepperdine University, Education

Favorite Book: Vineland – Thomas Pynchon
Favorite Food: Shrimp Tacos
Favorite Color: Blue – No! -Yel…
Favorite Movies: Days of Heaven – Terrence Malick Films

Christian is passionate about history because it is the only context for understanding human actions. Outside of work, Christian likes to swim, bike, run, hike, climb, and watch foreign films.

If Christian could have a meal with anyone in the world, it would be with Marc Bloch, a historian who wrote a treatise on the philosophy and importance of history in human society while engaged in the French Resistance against the Nazis. Bloch was executed before his work was finished. He recognized and skillfully articulated the role of history as a moral duty for humanity to face while living among and actively fighting against one of the worst atrocities of humanity.