Teacher, College Prep 10

Betsy has 7 years of experience in outdoor environmental education in Yosemite National Park and the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Betsy joined the ECHS team in Fall 2014 and is excited to bring her passion for the outdoors to ECHS. Betsy’s personal mission in life is to make a positive difference in the world and she hopes to do that by inspiring ECHS students to form a personal connection to the natural world and responsible actions to sustain it.

Whenever she can, Betsy uses her ukelele or guitar to play cover scientifically-themed covers of Top 40 songs. Betsy enjoys bringing people together through large home-cooked meals, has been known to get distracted by a cool bird sighting, and will never be without at least three pairs of shoes or a smile.

Some random facts about Betsy include: she is first generation Guatemalan, she once ruptured her Achilles Tendon while skateboarding, she arm-wrestled Ken Burns over who has the better job, and Betsy want people to know that I Do Think I Can Dance.