Audrey Waight is a Paraeducator at Environmental Charter Schools since March 2021. Audrey has five years of experience in tutoring low-income communities of color and three years of experience in veganic farming efforts. Previously, she was a Research Assistant for the nonprofit organization Living Ubuntu and a Tour Guide at Tanaka Farms. 

Audrey is at ECS because she is an advocate for education that centers environmental and social justice. She is committed to the ECS statement of reimagining public education for low-income communities of color. Audrey is a graduate of California State University Fullerton and holds a B.A in Geography and Food Studies, along with certifications in Permaculture Design and Geographic Information Systems. 

Audrey is currently a member of the Agricultures del Valle Farmer Training Program with the nonprofit organization Huerta del Valle. Audrey is also a Belizean/Costa Rican SoCal native.Her passions include environmentalism, urban agriculture, social justice, decolonization, and animal liberation. In her spare time, she is tending the land, camping, doing yoga or hanging out with her cat.