Teacher, Science

Adam Underwood is the eighth grade Science teacher at ECMS-Gardena. He joined the ECS community after several years of experience working at a traditional public school. Mr. Underwood enjoys the dynamic atmosphere at ECMS and the commitment to taking education beyond the classroom.

Mr. Underwood’s passion for science originates from his love for the outdoors, fostered by his childhood and upbringing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He has worked with professional foresters and community partners, delving into water quality, wildlife management, and forestry. At school, he is often found excavating the school site with students to investigate the history of the community and often spearheads campus beautification projects. Mr. Underwood emphasizes, “Science is everywhere and highly relatable.”

When Mr. Underwood is not teaching, he can be found dabbling in various hobbies. He enjoys surfing, camping, playing softball and basketball, and strumming his guitar.