Living Campuses & Community Centers

The environment is an integral part of what we do. Our inspiring and interactive living campuses bring learning to life while also serving as a model of sustainable living and ecological design for the entire community.

Our Practices

Sustainable Food
  • We grow our own organic food in our edible gardens.
  • Our campuses feature hundreds of fruit trees, which serve as free vending machines.
  • Our school lunches promote healthy growth and sustainability. Provided by Revolution Foods, they are made from real, locally-sourced foods and come in low-waste compostable packaging.

Living Systems
  • We have a living stream, filled with fish and filtration plants, it also provides many hands-on science lessons.
  • We have chickens and bunnies on campus that are taken care of by students.
  • We have a living wall, which not only cools our classroom, but also provides food.
  • Our aquaponics system feeds our nursery using nutrient-rich, plant-filtered water from tilapia.

Reducing Waste
  • We divert 42% of our waste through on-site composting and recycling programs.
  • All vendors on our campus are styrofoam-free.
  • We use post-consumer product paper and reward double-sided printing.
  • We recycle our print cartridges, host e-waste collection programs and have battery-recycling receptacles on campus.

Water Conservation
  • We collect and harvest rainwater in rain barrels and a have a 1,700 gallon underground cistern.
  • Our school landscaping features a living stream, arroyo riverbeds and swales to help minimize urban runoff.
  • Our plants are local, native and drought tolerant.
  • Our bathroom sinks have timers and some have low-flow flush technology.
  • We have smart irrigation systems that adjust watering time based on weather conditions.

Efficient, Inspired Building Design
  • Our buildings are LEED-inspired and some are LEED certified.
  • Our campuses feature outdoor classrooms, and about 25% of our students’ day is spent outside.
  • We’ve reduced energy use in our buildings by 25% as a result of installing timers and sensors on our lights, upgrading our buildings to reduce the need for heating and cooling and installing solar panels.
  • We reduce carbon emissions by composting on campus, planting trees and by using energy-efficient products.

  • We have programs on campus that encourage students to walk, ride their bikes or carpool to school.
  • We have an on-campus bike shop where students can learn how to build and fix their own bikes with the help of our community partner, Beach City Cycles.
  • Students can rent bikes that have been donated to our school for $5/year.
  • 25% of our students walk to campus
    10% of our students bike or skateboard to campus
    34% of our students carpool
    8 % use public transportation

What is a Green Ambassador?

Green Ambassadors is a project-based environmental service-learning course that empowers our students to connect with their community as they inspire and lead the sustainable change they wish to see in the world.Visit GAI

Green Ambassadors Institute Professional Development

Our schools serve as interactive learning labs for educators and organizers seeking professional development in sustainability and interdisciplinary service learning. Join us to learn the best practices of Green Ambassadors, a program of Environmental Charter Schools that has transformed education across California. Learn more about Green Ambassadors Institute.