Grow On! ECMS-Inglewood Culmination

Under the hot summer sun, bright and shining ECMS-Inglewood’s Class of 2017 proceeded over the school’s bridge for the last time as middle schoolers. Parents, relatives and friends beamed proudly as they looked on at their smiling and accomplished students. These soon-to-be high schoolers were given inspiring words from their principal, ECS founder, fellow students and their dedicated teachers. Faced with the transition into high school, the culminating 8th graders seemed eager and ready to take the next step in their journeys.


ECMS-Inglewood principal, Beth Bernstein-Yamashiro, reminded them of the many accomplishments they’ve achieved as Green Ambassadors and encouraged them to continue to be the change they wanted to see in the world. The ceremony took place in the school’s new garden-in-progress as ECMS-I is underway on an impressive campus expansion and greening initiative. Principal Beth shared that just as their campus is growing and continues to change, they too are different from the kids that they were when they arrived to middle school. They will constantly be transforming themselves. ECS Founder, Alison Diaz, posed a challenging question to the new graduates, “How will you grow the seed that we planted within you at ECMS-Inglewood?”

“How will you grow the seed that we planted within you at ECMS-Inglewood?” – ECS Founder, Alison Diaz

The enthusiastic and indefatigable teachers and staff at ECMS-Inglewood are rightfully proud of the Class of 2017 as these students are ready to take on the challenges they may face in high school and beyond. The seeds planted in these students’ hearts and minds seemed to have taken root in student speaker, Megan Zamora. Megan shared what ECMS-Inglewood has done for her and all those in her class. “ECMS-Inglewood doesn’t only teach the evolution of environmentalism, but also the evolution of oneself.” She and fellow student speaker Xavier Solazar represented their classmates when they shared they are grateful for their experiences at ECMS-Inglewood. Xavier expressed as much when said, “I cannot thank you enough for the seeds you have sewn.”

Congratulations to the extraordinary young men and women of ECMS-I. We trust you will continue to grow vibrantly and brilliantly during the next chapter of your lives. We are so proud of you!

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