[PAST EVENT] ECHS Community Forum – February 2, 2017


FEBRUARY 2. 2017/ FEBRERO 2. 2017
8:30 am – 12 pm

16315 Grevillea Ave. Lawndale, CA 90260
Join us as our students present, advocate, debate and share their perspectives on:


  • HOW CAN WE PROVIDE QUALITY EDUCATION TO OUR COMMUNITY? After research of the Public Education Restoration Act to repeal The California Charter Schools Act of 1992, students will address claims made in regards to charter schools. They will present their data driven research and participation in a variety of civic actions to inform the community of these findings.
  • WHAT ROLE DO CHANGES IN DEMOGRAPHICS AND PROPERTY PLAY IN THE PROCESS OF GENTRIFICATION? In order to better understand the process of gentrification, students will research changes in property and demographics of a specified community and analyze the role that they play in this process. Students will use media (video, prezi, powerpoint, infographic, etc) to support a verbal explanation of the causes and effects of these changes.
  • WHAT DOES LOS ANGELES NEED TO THRIVE? With a constant influx of human migration, mega drought, thousands of miles of freeways, and the resulting impact on the ecosystem, it can be easy to dismiss Los Angeles’ future as a foregone conclusion.  See how  sophomores use LA’s past and present to consider solutions needed in order for Los Angeles to thrive.
  • HOW CAN WE PERSUADE A COMMUNITY TO TRANSFORM A SPACE? The surrounding cities are riddled with vacant lots (abandoned gas stations, empty parking lots). Through the lenses of resistance education, design theory, institutional investing, statistical analysis, green design, and horticulture; come and see how our  9th graders will use all of those domains in persuading respective cities to implement their creative solutions for a specified vacant lot.

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